Affording HRS

The Head-Royce School's commitment to socioeconomic diversity is foundational to who we are. Our flexible tuition program is designed to make a Head-Royce education affordable for all families based on demonstrated financial need and the availability of funds.

Tuition Assistance Application Process

Application Opens September 1

We understand that applying for assistance can seem daunting. Follow these steps to simplify the process:

BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 1, 2023: Submit Clarity Application 

  • To get started, please go to the Clarity Application and create an account. The application typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and is mobile-friendly so you can access it anywhere. You are also able to save your progress and return at any time.

  • At the end of the application, you will be asked to submit a one-time fee of $55, which also allows you to apply to additional schools that accept the Clarity Application for no additional charge. Simply use the dropdown menu in the application to select those schools. Please note: If you have already submitted and paid for an application through the SSS platform to another school, please let us know at and we will provide a waiver code to cover the cost of the Clarity Tuition application fee.

The tuition assistance process is entirely confidential. Separated or divorced parents should each submit their own application.


BY NOVEMBER 1, 2023 (Existing HRS families) or BY JANUARY 5, 2024  (New Families to HRS): Clarity will pull the following documents from the IRS:

  • Form 1040: signed, including all schedules
  • Other Forms: If you are a shareholder in an S-Corporation or a partner in a Partnership (listed on Schedule E of your 1040), upload the corresponding Schedule K-1, 1120S and/or Form 1065

BY FEBRUARY 6, 2023: Submit the following documents through the Clarity Link:

  • Form W2: 2023

We will communicate financial aid decisions to returning families with re-enrollment contracts and to new students in mid-March with their admission decision.

The following resources from Clarity can also help you in the application process: 

  • The Family Application Guide provides step-by-step instructions and a list of the information you'll need to have on hand when completing the application.
  • To check receipt and status of your supporting documentation, or if you have any questions or need help completing the application, please email in both English and Spanish. The application itself is also fully translated into Spanish.

Malone Foundation

Head-Royce is one of four schools in the entire state of California selected by the Malone Family Foundation to receive a $2 million dollar endowment and one of only 50 independent schools in the U.S. to provide scholarships for academically gifted students with financial needs.

In 2000, the Malone Family Foundation selected Head-Royce as one of the top independent educational institutions in the nation, basing its selection on evidence of high academic standards, quality of faculty and staff, excellent accommodations for gifted and talented students, a dedication to individual attention for all students, financial strength and a commitment to financial aid.

Jessica Xu '15, Malone Scholar

"Being a Malone Foundation Scholar was pivotal to my educational career. From a young age, I was privileged to attend Head-Royce and learn from passionate and brilliant teachers, participate in enriching educational opportunities, and be a part of a wonderfully supportive community. Being a Malone Foundation Scholar allowed me to experience educational opportunities that I would not have had otherwise and for that, I am deeply grateful."

The Head-Royce Tuition Assistance Office is available to help. Call us with your questions at (510) 531-1300 x2292.